Specialized Coatings for Corrosion Resistance, Containment, and Facilities

Intellathane spray systems are well-suited for everything from offshore applications and secondary containment, to blast mitigation and more. Backed with over 30 years of industry knowledge, Intellathane products are manufactured to the highest standards. Intellathane offers the latest in 100% polyurea technology and provides the best moisture resistance and low temperature cure coating in today’s market.

This coating system implements the best moisture resistance and low temperature cure with improved elongation and tensile strength over standard urea coatings. Intellathane polyurea products are used as a chemical resistant and waterproof membrane coating and abrasion guard for the protection of steel, concrete, wood, and foamed plastics.

Market Applications

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Corrosion Protection for Transportation Vehicles (Trucks and Trailers)

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Containment Protection for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Oil Tank Coatings

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Commercial and Industrial Coating and Flooring Products for a wide Range of Applications

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Ballistic Protection

Corrosion Protection for Transportation Vehicles (Trucks and Trailers)

Cargo Ship

Intellathane is a fast curing high performance urethane coating used as a chemical resistant and abrasion guard for the protection of steel, concrete, wood, and foamed plastics.

Intellathane covers and protects your vehicle fleets, trucks and trailers, industrial equipment, and machinery. Intellathane coatings can be applied to many types of products or equipment, large and small. Our products are perfect for holding tanks, pipelines, containment booms, and portable units such as crates or tanker trucks.

Deterioration can be caused by aggressive compounds such as acids, alkalis, organic wastes, and even water. Intellathane’s high level of corrosion resistance reduces the degradation of metal, concrete, and plastics. Intellathane coatings reduce the risk of leaking and collapsed vessel walls, which lowers maintenance and liability costs.

Containment Protection for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil Rig

Requirements for containment of oil, gas fluids, and other potential spills are paramount. Intellathane offers a high level of protection that is designed to meet or exceed regulations and help protect the company from environmental liability.

Intellathane sprayed-on coatings are specifically designed for containment systems used in the oil and gas industries. Intellathane creates a barrier bond that is indestructible and resistant to corrosion and leaks. This impermeable membrane fits the shape, even where poles, pumps, and other internal or external structures are attached. It can be applied over concrete, metal, plastic, fiberglass, and wood. Intellathane can be applied in extreme cold, blazing heat, soggy humidity, brittle dryness, and freeze-thaw cycle expansion and contraction without degrading.

Oil Tank Coatings

Oil Tanks

Crude oil tanks are vulnerable to corrosion. Most are received from the factory with a protective coating; however, this coating doesn’t last forever. General corrosion occurs throughout a tank and corrosion can begin to appear in specific areas of the tank.

Intellathane offers a range of climate control solutions to ensure the success of crude oil tank maintenance projects.

Commercial and Industrial Coating and Flooring Products for a wide Range of Applications

Guidelines are becoming more specific with regards to professional food preparation, manufacturing, and processing. It is imperative to know exactly what coatings are approved and appropriate for your particular business. Intellathane coatings can help you determine the right coatings to meet your needs.

Intellathane coatings are a great choice for food and beverage production companies that deal with chemical products, alkalis, and intense heating and cleaning processes. These floor coatings are also quick-drying and make an excellent choice when a minimum amount of downtime is imperative.

Ballistic Protection


Intellathane ballistic coatings are designed to mitigate the effects of direct blasts from hostile explosive attacks. This type of coating is designed to survive massive pressure, such as explosion, when applied to concrete or metal structures. Ideal for military or high security buildings and facilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Fast-Set Nature
  • High Elongation
  • Durability/Abrasion Characteristics
  • Weather Tolerant & Waterproof
  • Seamless
  • Unlimited Mil Thickness in One Application
  • Resistant to Solvents, Caustics, and Mild Acids
  • Multiple Color Choices
  • Extend the Life of Older Tanks
  • Fast Cure Times








7000 PV


530 90A-F







Intellathane® 515

Intellathane® 515 is a plural component polyurea hybrid spray-in-place elastomer, flexible tough monolithic membrane.

Intellathane® 550

Intellathane® 550 is a 100% polyuria spray elastomer with one-to-one ration for high performance applications.

Intellathane® 400C

Intellathane® 400C is a polyurea hybrid spray on bed liner formulation.

Intellathane® 7100

Intellathane® 7100 is a 100% polyurea spray elastomer with exceptional physical properties.

Intellathane® 530 90A-F

Intellathane® 530 90A-F is a second generation 100% polyurea technology that offers the best moisture resistance and low temperature properties available. Intellathane® 530 90A-F is used as a chemical resistant and abrasion guard for the protection of steel, concrete, wood, foamed plastics, and polyurethane foam.

  • Unique Properties: 100% solids and fast cure produces a high build membrane in seconds. Intellathane® 530 90A-F has over 20 years of proven field performance as a maintenance coating.
  • High Performance: Intellathane® 530 90A-F produces a tough membrane with excellent low temperature flexibility and high tensile strength. Intellathane® 530 90A-F has excellent chemical resistance and abrasion properties. Intellathane® 530 90A-F features high resistance to moisture during cure and can be sprayed in 100% humidity down to temperatures below freezing without the blowing problems that occur with urethane coatings. That means better performance and long term wear properties.
  • Low Viscosity: Improves mix efficiency with conventional urethane equipment. That also means better performance in your applications.
  • Common Applications: Secondary containment for fuels, oils, fertilizers, solvents, and chemicals. Protective coating for concrete, steel, wood, foamed plastics, and polyurethane foam.
  • Liner with or without geotextile fabric for ponds, landfills, and irrigation.
  • Polyurethane foam protection for tanks, walk-in freezers, containers, trailers, poultry barns.
  • Concrete protection against hydrogen sulfide in manholes and sewer pipes.
  • Water and waste water treatment plants
  • Mining operations, refineries, industrial and manufacturing plants.

Intellathane® 1121

Is a cleaning fluid for polyurea spraying equipment.

Intellathane® 7000 PV

Intellathane® 7000 PV is a two-component, spray-in-place, flexible 100% solids polyurethane/polyurea system. This product provides a flexible but extremely tough monolithic membrane with excellent water and chemical resistance.

  • Proposed Uses: Intellathane® 7000 PV is a fast cure, textured surface, multi-purpose material designed for commercial and industrial applications, such as roof coatings, automotive liners, spill containment, retention ponds, etc. It exhibits excellent adhesion to most materials and is suitable as a protective abrasive impact liner for cementations, wood, and/or metal surfaces.

Intellathane® 7360

Intellathane® 7360 is a fast cure, textured surface for automotive applications such as pickup truck bed liners and exhibits excellent qualities for military applications.

Intellathane® 517

Intellathane® 517 is our latest urea-urethane hybrid coating that almost achieves the performance of 100% polyurea systems. Intellathane® 517 is our highest concentration percentage hybrid available.

Intellasolve® P1120

Intellasolve® P1120 is a cleaning fluid for polyurea spraying equipment.